Bringing FinTech Digital Innovation to Main Street Banks

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FinTech as a Service (FTaaS) platform accelerating digital transformation and innovation for regional financial institutions

Digital innovation is critical for financial institutions, however, the investment burden, talent requirements and demands for external partnerships have long made this transformation costly and only incremental.

FinMain empowers financial institutions to transform client-facing and enterprise enabling processes, at scale. We bridge a financial institution’s systems of record with best-in-category FinTechs to deliver proprietary, modern, end-to-end capabilities.

Leveraging FinMain, regional and community financial institutions can elevate customer experience, introduce new products, improve efficiency, and optimize risk management at a pace and scale unseen today.

Our Technology Platform


Curated and orchestrated FinTech solutions

Readily deployable modern digital experiences
Connectivity between Financial Institution's and best-in-category FinTechs
New product and revenue stream opportunities

Effectiveness and reliability

Rapid deployment and enablement

Sandbox & proof of value

Time-to-value and optionality

Software-defined managed infrastructure

Governance and InfoSec
Enterprise-grade infrastructure
Data store and analytics
Business continuity and disaster recovery

Scalability and cost efficiency

FinMain's Platform is based on 6 Core principles

Cloud-first: Cloud-native capabilities for security, availability, reliability and scalability
Core-agnostic: Surrounds legacy core with value-added capabilities - NOT a core replacement
Constructable: Orchestrates best-in-category FinTechs into E2E processes meeting unique needs of Regional financial institutions
Configurable: Low-code/no-code tools to achieve near-instant solutions
Cognitive: Extensive data and analytics leverage
Compliant: Security and privacy at the center of every design decision; financial institution controlled access to customer data

Creating Value

We reduce time to value by up to 80% for all parties

Financial Institutions

Best-in-category FinTech curation

Single, standardized FinTech onboarding process

End-to-end use case orchestration with embedded FinTechs

Single integration point for deployment


Shortened sales cycle

Efficient network marketing

Centralized and standardized vendor risk and onboarding

Single access point for deployment protocol

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 FinMain is industrializing digital transformation for regional and community financial institutions.
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A regional financial institution looking to rapidly and cost effectively enhance your digital capabilities at scale

A FinTech (of any size) with a best-in-category capabilities

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